The disappointment in regards to the market, however, pushed the birth of "Daughter".

Involved in the industry since 1976, Mr. Tseng had realized that companies of skin care products

would skimp on material to spend more on marketing and advertising.


Yet all he wanted was to produce his ideal, quality product before retirement.

Besides the support of his daughter and family, he also had the experience and the reputation

which he had built up over decades to back him up. Therefore he decided to give it his best shot.

The result, his brand "Daughter," was born during Chinese New Year in 2013.


Both Mr. Tseng and his daughter understood the difficulty of selling the products

without distributing channels or advertising. However, they wanted to take a leap of faith.

Since they are dedicated to their goal, they want to do it right. Even if the sales numbers are not ideal,

they won't have any regrets. The products will sell themselves by word of mouth!


Devoted to making high quality products, they aren't afraid of comparisons. Mr. Tseng insists on finding good material,

making effective formulas and creating mild textures for their products, which are also made for his daughter. 


As such, the process is even more meticulous and painstaking.

As for the reputation of the product, we would like to ask a favor of you.

After you try it, be sure to spread the word for  Mr. Tseng's excellent products.